Gone those days when beards are kept by man to show there masculinity, it have larger effect on you lifestyle. There are lots of reasons why good beards will work better for you. It have large number of benefits from preventing rashes to saving time. Lets discusses about the lesser known facts about your beards.

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Sun protection

Great beards can act as a great sun protector for your skin. They can literally stop the harmful sun rays to reach your skin and do damage to it. Research conducted in University of Southern Queenland stated beards can decrease the skin exposure to the harmful uv rays upto 95%. It can work great to prevent your skin from any type of skin cancer.

Prevents razor rash ,acne

In order to get the blemishes free skin you can opt for having big beards, it will save your morning time of shaving plus it will protect you from getting razor rashes , cuts or acne. Razor can lead to the skin irritation and other skin infection as well.

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More masculinity

Need to look grown up? Or want to look more masculine. Opting for good beards is the perfect solution to it. Studies have found that man with beards creates different impression on collogues , girls and strangers. If you are tired of looking cute or just too professional, try working on your beard to make different impression. Many studies have suggested beards which are 7-10 days old intends to attract more opposite sex.

Greater style statement

Its never wrong to call beards as a men’s ornament. We guys don’t have more option to change in the style statement. Beards can work wonders to change our style statement regularly. There are number of different styles that you can follow to change your styling and you can even change your beards style according to your hairstyle.

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Natural moisturizer

One of the most lesser known fact about beards are they are going to naturally moisturize your face skin. Oil glands are present in your beards that secrete natural oil to keep your skin healthy. So you don’t need to worry about how you gonna moisturizing your skin. Thick beards also plays great role while protecting your skin from direct air while driving. Follow latest men’s grooming tips by fab alpha to make you look and feel better everyday.


Grooming has taken precedence over many things today in a man’s life. A well groomed man looks good not only from the outside but also feels good from the inside.

The Perfect Man:

A well groomed man shows a man with a purpose, someone who cares about his body and also shows a stable state of mind. There can be many ways to look good and happy and here are some of the tips that one should definitely follow which can make a man feel good.

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Shaving is a science?

Who knew shaving too had a certain science attached to it. Men are usually in a habit of being very impatient about their shaves. But applying the shaving gel and keeping it on for a certain period of time wets the hair and makes it an easier process. Banging the razor on the sink also affects the position of the blades which can result in incomplete shaves or razor cuts.

Sniff Sniff!

Smelling good adds a lot to a man’s self- esteem. There are numerous reports and studies proving how important it is to keep your man parts sweet smelling. Using body talc right after a shower gives you the cooling effect as well as ensures a sweet smelling you.Using natural flower fragrances instead of the usual ones also add to your aura. There are now a number of blended ingredients present in these natural fragrances which are becoming increasingly popular across the globe.

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Hair Care

Hair loss is a major concern for today’s generation. People are losing their hair earlier than they were before. Using prescribed medication and using well in time ensures no hair loss.

Clean Your Breath

We are all under the wrong impression that mouth washes in the night relieve you of bad breath. That is not the case. Many of these rinsers are high in alcohol content which only aggravates bad breath. Exchanging your morning coffee with black or green tea also prevents bad breath as they contain polyphenols which prevent bad breath causing bacteria.

Don’t Forget the Feet

A lot of people might have issues with toe nail fungus. It is a common phenomenon and can be tackled easily. Medicine has transformed over time and getting a laser operation which lasts for a few minutes can permanently remove those disturbing elements.


You Need a Hair Dryer

Believe it or not, getting a hair dryer for men also adds to the silkiness that men are looking for. There have been numerous studies to show that hair dryers are essential tools of achieving smoother and a healthy flock of hair.

Manscape, now!

Body hair is something that we men have a problem tacking with. Well like they say, realizing there is a problem is the first step towards solving one. Luckily in this case, the problem isn’t too severe. When we notice extra body hair appearing either on our back or any other part of our body, it is time to get those clippers moving about and cutting all the unnecessary around.

All in all, if we follow these quick men’s grooming tips to keep ourselves well groomed, we shall notice the difference in our lives. A well groomed man is always a happier man.

Had a great weekend with lot of party and alcohol? It’s a very usual situation suffered by most of the drinkers. Most of the time biggest problem is to work next day with that pain.

Hangover could lead to dehydration, headache, vomiting, decreased sleep, vertigo, anxiety and concentration issues. And with these issues it will be hell if you need to work next day at office.

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Here we are discussing about some of the best solution for hangover, so drinkers please pay attention.

Intake lot of Water- Main reason of all hangover problem starts with dehydration. Alcohol promotes your body to drain its fluid and make you hydrated, best way to cure hangover is to during lot of water to hydrate yourself back.

Coconut water or energy drink– Both are reach in electrolytes that make your body retain the fluid and make you feel better.

Painkillers- aspirin can be great solution for the post drinks headache. It helps reliving the pain and make you feel better. But don’t forget to have water intake after painkiller too.

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Passed out

Taking alcohol again to cure hangover can’t be a solution, it’s a misconception of many that it will help to cure hangover. Initially it will relieve the pain but later it will decrease the water content from body. Still if you are in mood to use those drinks as a solution then have in small quantity, cold beer will help you out.

Banana shake- Banana shake contains great amount of potassium and calcium to help you cure your hangover and will make you feel better.

Ginger tea- It will help you eliminate nausea happens due to hangover.

Back to bed- Going back to bed for few hours can be a great solution to fight with hangover and to retain your energy.

Run, walk or swim- While you do any physical exercise your body tends to release endorphin that will help you to eliminate that dullness and elevate your mood.

Try these fitness tips ideas and we are sure you will be able to handle your handover in a better possible way.

R u still single? Yeah we understand how it feels being single. Some time all of us need someone with whom we can share our wildest secrets, sorrows, pains, joys and enjoy life to its fullest.

But there is always a flip side of a coin. Relation might look good from mile away but it could be scary for few people who don’t want to compromise with their current lifestyle, here we are about to discuss few of the reasons that most of the people in relation are frustrated about.

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– You have all time to build your future and to work on yourself. It’s a high time in today’s competitive world and it’s really difficult to survive if you are not having particular specialization in skills. You can surely use that time to groom yourself instead of wasting it with as usual love talks.

– Prioritization is not a problem for you, you are free to do whatever you want or need. In mood to plan a night out with friends? Yeah you are free to do anything without hesitation.

– Time for a hobby, since you are going to save lot of time by not being in relation you are now free to learn and experience new things: try out some music classes, dance sessions, hit gym and make yourself look better, work on yourself.

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– No need to think twice before you appreciate a picture uploaded by any of your female colleague, there is no one to say that “How the hell you can comment on her display picture”, no one is going to check whose pictures you are liking or commenting.

– Free to flirt around, yeah I know we guys love flirting but when you are in relationship you will be bounded with one girls and you won’t be able to even establish good communication with other females in town.

Hope after checking the advantages of being single your life will be filled with joy again and instead of being frustrated over being single you will be more concentrating on being better. Log on to fab alpha for more relationship articles and advice.

Everyone is aware of social networking these days and we all knows it’s a great tool to socialize with people and to stay in touch with your closed ones. But social networking have another great advantage. It could be used to promote startups and run them.

If you are able to use social networking properly your business will be able to reach new heights. We can have many competitive advantages over our rival with the use of social marketing. We are going to explain how it works.

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Helps you to reach people

Biggest hurdle for any startup in any industry is to reach their prominent customers. If any company is able to crack the way; how they can reach their customer and make please in their mind then probability succeeding in business always increases.

Number of users of social media

More than 50% of the world population is expected to be on social media by 2016. This data includes people who are living in isolated places with no internet connection. If we calculate the big cities social media population then it will be much more than 50% of the total population. It means your ability to reach simply increased by just registering on social sites.


Cheaper way of marketing

What can be cheaper than free? Most of the social networking sites are absolutely free and it depends on you and your management how you work to attract the probable customer and generate lead for the business.

Trust and relationship with customers

While connecting on social network customer consider themselves connected with the company and its noted companies who are having good relation with their customers on social network have better and strong bond with their customers.

Generate lead

If you are able to connect with your customers and create a relationship then it’s obvious you are increasing your reliability and it will ultimately lead to greater number of leads. Follow trending stories india for latest news and updates on various topics.

First dates have proved to be the most memorable and important for any relation, that first date is going to decide whether girls want to be with you or not. Grooming for first date is the most important aspect to succeed in it because usually first impression proves to be a last impression.

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So let’s discuss few basic first date dating tips in order to make best impression in first meeting.

Pluck those unwanted nose hairs:

All those hairs that are poking out from any unwanted places like nose, ears, and eyebrows aren’t sexy at all. Before you prepare for your date make sure every unwanted hair is either plucked of trimmed properly. These hairs might not bother for you but she will be surely concerned about them, these hairs prove your hygiene and how you take care of yourself.

Work on the combination of your hairs and beards:

Having facial hairs that doest match your hairstyle isn’t sexy. Try to put some efforts to decide which beard style should suit your face shape and your hairstyle. Once you decide the particular style of beard make sure its styled by a professional.

Workout before your leave:

A bit of workout will give your muscle required pump to look better. But this little workout won’t matter allot if it’s not initiated regularly. In order to maintain your body’s good posture you would consider atleast an hour of work out for yourself.

Work on posture:

Posture is absolutely required to create a better impression, whether it’s an interview or a date good posture is always the priority. No one like a guys with no personality and the one who isn’t enough presentable. If you are not possessing good posture then devote little time every day to make it better and impressive.

Skin care:

Before you meet her for a date make sure you had a cleanup for your face.

Good pair of shoes:

We guys might not give it big importance but girls do. Don’t forget to have good pair of shoes before you meet her. Sandals and sleepers are big “NO” for any date. Al of the above men’s grooming tips are essential for every man who are going for date.

Okay you have finally realized that your dadbod is getting bigger and you are aware of the fact that it should be controlled now. you might have convinced yourself to join some fitness activities earlier too but its too difficult to maintain the focus and dedication towards it. Most of us have joined the gym or started running, yoga classes but due to busy schedule, work pressure, lack of time we left it.

Healthcare Tips - Fab Alpha

Healthcare Tips – Fab Alpha

Since you are willing to start the fitness activities once again lets discuss some of the key factors that will improve your regularity in gym and will help you shred those extra pounds.

Here are some of the suggestions you can include to stay regular-

Get a buddy-
Biggest factor why we are unable to step into gym on regular basis is we get bored exercising alone. Your gym buddy will not just motivate you to hit gym regularly but will also improve your will power to exercise and get fit. If you can’t find a buddy then get a Personal trainer for yourself to motivate.

Measure fitness-
Track your fitness on daily basis. This will motivate you to see the difference in your weight and you will be able to figure out real change within yourself. Prepare a fitness chart for yourself and start tracking your diet, weight, BMI.

Start light workout-
One of the biggest mistake most of us tends to do is showing all aggression in first few days. You have to understand that your body is not used to of exercising regularly and heavy workout initially will leave your with pain. This pain is surely going to affect your next day will power to hit gym again.

Find your motivation-
Best way to improve the regularity is to find your motivation to get fit. For example just commit yourself for particular level of fitness. Like I want to lose 20 pound before my brothers marriage or I want to have 6 pack abs for my girlfriend.

Reward your self-
It’s our general tendency that we can’t force our self to to work hard without rewqard. We even tend to work harder in office for rewards or promotions only. Why not try this in fitness. Promise yourself that you will throw yourself a party if you lose every 5 pound or anything else .

Make it fun-
It might be possible that you won’t like lifting heavy weight, than just find the way to enjoy your fitness regime. Like you might prefer swimming, cycling, kick boxing, aerobics etc. you just need to choose the best healthcare tips activity that you would love to do.

Proper grooming is always one of the toughest work for all guys, we grow up looking that the fact that only girls need to groom themselves and boys looks good being rough and tough. But this is not true anymore. With the latest trends coming in the market in became a necessary for every single stay in the current society. So here we are going to discuss few of the grooming tips that you can follow to make your looks and impression better to the world-

Say no to ironic facial hairs

One of the biggest blunder to ourself is keeping those legendry facial hairs that were in fashion in early 70’s or before. If you are not having great taste of facial hairs then try to stay away from it and be clean shaved. Facial hairs are ornaments of every male and if you don’t have great taste then better not to wear it.

Trim your nasal and ear hairs

These are the hairs that were left untrimmed whole life for most of the men. There is just a simple formula applied to these hairs “if you can see then than others can also see them, just trim them”. Try not to mess-up your corporate image with these unwanted hairs.

Try frequent visits to hair dresser
Gone those days when we used to visit barber only once in every 1-2 month. Not time have changes and requirement to look best have also gone up. Try to visit atleast twice so that your hairs will always look great and manageable.

Avoid low costing perfume

Bad perfumes are the biggest turn off. It might be possible that you are unable to smell the better perfume but others can. Buying perfumes can we seen as a big investment because good perfumes always costs more but believe me it’s all worth it.

Shave more often

If you want to look clean and up to the corporate world then make it a habit to shave every or every second day. It will make you look way more professional.

Fitness matters

First impression might be the last impression for you too. Fitness don’t just make you look good but it also fills you with another level of energy and makes you look fresh.

Keep your skin moisturize
unified123Most of the men don’t know the importance of moisturizing our skin. Without proper moisturizers you can make your skin look rough, dull and unattractive.

Traditional notion “Entrepreneurship” is amended with the concepts of running business electronically, innovating electronically and get available to people electronically. Demand for the better services headed with creativeness in ideas are presented with new challenges and opportunities to the entrepreneurs for this , these Entrepreneurs are propelled for ”Entrepreneurship in E-Business” in context the elements of entrepreneurship which includes – proactive, risk –taking capabilities, controlling, management of a business and all other dimensions when a entrepreneur performs over internet, known as e-entrepreneurship,

It was the early time when the only banks mostly prefer to perform e-business. And the venture capitalist use to avoid investing into business which will run online. Gradually when the service sector tried to make its place in India, E-business and their entrepreneurs came in light. E-business operates in vibrant and fast moving, anytime and anywhere environment therefore it enables a thinker to unleash his potential into a business. E-commerce and e-business practices will trend to spread. Industry analysts and renowned research groups projected a strong growth in e-commerce and e-business, estimating that the market would be worth $US7.3.

The key principles of e-business would be-
• Increasing channels of Communication
• Investment, Empowerment and involvement of Investors.
• Valuing the needs of the target customers
• Managing the facts and Processes.

The companies’ competition some ways leads to consumer’s profit. As the big fishes like- Flipkart, Snapdeals, Amazon provides deals which can save the money of a buyer in comparison to buying from the stores. Apart from these deals, one more area is also focused…. and that is Employment.